Hearing test

No, I didn’t decide to take the month of September off. Just the first 10 days. Okay, that wasn’t on purpose. ANYWAY.

I promised I would follow up with the tubes stuff, so here we go. His first follow up appointment showed that the infection was gone, and his ears were clear, so they scheduled an ABR. That happened on Friday. For everyone wondering how they test hearing in baby, here’s how:



They put the electrodes on him, then had me put him to sleep, then hooked him up to the monitors and started the test. The electrodes monitor brainwaves, which show how he’s responding to the sounds. He woke up toward the end of the first side, which was fine, but to get him back to sleep for the second side I had to stand and bounce him. And then stay standing and bouncing for the duration. I’m a giant wuss, because I was SO SORE the next day from that half hour. (Also, I was reminded how easy Daniel is- he almost never needs bouncing!)

Anyway, the audiology resident running the test said his preliminary findings are that Daniel’s hearing falls within normal range! Woohoo! He said several people will look over it and call if there are any concerns, but otherwise they won’t need to see us again until he’s a year old. Very exciting since we’ve been in like 10 times in these first 6 months.

So there you go. Look for more Daniel updates this week- we have his eyes checked tomorrow and his 6 month well visit on Wednesday.

7 thoughts on “Hearing test

  1. That’s great! My BIL has congenital hearing loss and it runs in the family, so my kids have to go in for hearing tests every 6 months. It’s great hearing everything is perfect!

  2. We conduct similar tests everyday over here. Put Ruby to sleep. Do something like close the refrigerator and monitor Ruby’s state of awakeness. Not quite as scientific, but seems to get the job done. Judging by our results I would say Ruby’s hearing is okay.

  3. I like Larua’s comment, that’s about how we felt with Patrick 🙂 I feel for you bouncing that kid, they get HEAVY! Well, except Kari’s kids, they don’t ever get heavy… but ours, whooo boy!

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