Eye exam

Because eye problems are common in people with Down syndrome, 6 months is the recommended age for a first eye exam. And you know what? Daniel is 6 month old TODAY! So we did his first eye exam.

I wondered how they would check his vision since he’s, you know, 6 months old, but they did. We went to a pediatric opthamologist and she said mostly they’re just looking to make sure he has normal reactions. They waved some light up toys around and held up some various prescriptions while looking in his eyes. She also checked the shape of his eyes and said they are slightly different shapes, but that’s not a big deal. Anyway, they did some other stuff, but when I asked what exactly they look for to tell if he’s seeing normally she misunderstood and told me about some problems commonly associated with Down syndrome that they look for. I don’t really care though, because she said his vision is fine!

So woohoo! Good vision and hearing! We’ll go back when he’s a year old.

8 thoughts on “Eye exam

  1. Yay for good eyes and ears! And I’m jealous that you never have to bounce Daniel! I can’t even tell you the amount of hours I’ve spent bouncing my 2 children. Maybe someday I’ll have huge biceps 🙂

  2. That is great! Kendra had her eyes checked around that age too since Colorado does the free vision check for kids under a year now and I was interested to see how they would test a baby so young. It was fun to watch! I had no clue they could even tell anything with a kiddo that young.

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