6 months!

Well, today was Daniel’s 6 month well visit. Here are his stats:

Height: 26 1/4 inches

Weight: 18 lbs 1 oz

Head: 17 inches

Overall he’s healthy. However, he is gaining weight too fast. Because kids with Down syndrome often have thyroid issues, slower metabolism, and delayed mobility, weight can be a problem. His weight went from the 43% to the 60% while his height went from the  53% to the 31%. He’s getting heavier, but not (much) taller. (Those are compared to typical kids, by the way. I don’t want to get out my Down syndrome charts right now.)

So for now we’re cutting back the amount of formula he gets each feeding (by like an ounce, don’t think I’m over here starving him), offering water from a cup, and starting solids as soon as he’ll track a spoon when we show him one. I know he’s old enough to start solids, but he still doesn’t sit very well in the bumbo (he doesn’t sit on his own at all) so I hadn’t tried it yet. Soon though!

We also did blood work today to check his thyroid, do a complete blood count, and something else that I can’t remember.

Funny part of the visit: the doctor mentioned that my other kids should come in for flu shots and, since I had them with me, asked me a little skeptically if they were ready for that today. So in my best “This Is Exciting!” voice I said, “Do you guys want a SHOT today?!” And they both said, “I do! I do!” and were generally thrilled by the idea. Flu shots all around, they did great, and were very pleased with the sticker selection afterward. Then we got Taco Bell for lunch because they were really, very good, and also because I tricked them into getting shots.

19 thoughts on “6 months!

  1. I would be completely fine with someone giving me a sneak-attack flu shot then taking me to lunch. Item off to-do list and free meal! It’s a win-win!

  2. Your kids are awesome. We did the nasal mist with Amelia and she screamed like we were sawing her arm off. I’m guessing the next time she has to get a shot of any kind will be the end of the world for her.

    Glad to hear Daniel is growing and doing well!

  3. Eli got stung by 2 wasps at the same time last week (well, that’s what you get when you stick your finger in their nest!) so when we got shots @ the doctor he was like “puh-lease, you wanted a reaction out of that?” Now I recommend everyone get a wasps nest in their backyard just so the doctor isn’t a big deal. That, OR use the excited voice! Maybe your way is easier after all…

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