Well, two days ago Daniel got to try real food for the first time.


Love the “first taste” face.



By bite number 2 he was ready for it.



And by bite number 3 he was bored.

We started with peaches, because the Sie Center recommended peaches, pears, and prunes as first foods for kids with Down syndrome. (Because they’re good for digestion, and problems with digestion/constipation can be an issue.) He was definitely ready for real food. He really only made a face on the first bite, and then willingly ate the rest of what Brian fed him. He’s not as eager as Will was, but definitely more ready than Kalena (probably because we started her at 4 months.)

Hopefully eating real food in the evening with help him sleep a little longer. 4:45 am is a smidge early to get up for the day.

11 thoughts on “Food!

  1. How did I JUST watch this baby be born and you’re already feeding him peaches? Seriously. My heart hurts at how time flies (with other peoples’ kids. It almost hurts that it doesn’t move any faster with my own).

  2. I think it’s kinda cute that if it were another one of your children getting up at 4:45 you’d be like, “blaaaah, I’m dying! I hate this!” But with Daniel, it’s only “a smidge early.” That’s why he was sent to you.

    And I’m grateful that he and Addilyn have switched places!

  3. I love how much Daniel looks like his big sister (to me anyway). There is almost no resemblance between my two kids. Pacey ate a LOT of prunes as a baby 🙂 Hope it helps your mornings…4:45 is just brutal.

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