The favorite

Today’s fact: Life expectancy for someone with Down syndrome has increased dramatically- from 25 years in 1983 to 60 years now.

I’m going to be late for book club if I don’t leave in approximately 1 minute, so this is gonna be quick! Today you get to see Daniel’s favorite toy. (Aren’t you excited?)


This thing! I’m sure it has a real name, but I don’t know it. It was a gift from a friend at church after Daniel was born and he LOVES it. Seriously, the therapist doesn’t even bother with most of her toys when we need motivation. You can set a whole bunch of toys in front of him and he’ll go after this one EVERY time. I should probably buy a back up.

9 thoughts on “The favorite

  1. Interesting. Ruby like small things she can hold while flipping around and adult toys. Like laptops, iPhones, soda cans etc. Get your mind out of the gutter!

  2. I can’t believe what a big boy he looks like these days! And I love the thrilled expression he has. You’re like, “Daniel, show me how much you love this toy!!” And he gives you THAT face. Haha, what a cutie.

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