Today’s fact: 85% of babies born with Down syndrome are not diagnosed until after birth.

Back when Kalena started preschool I said I’d probably talk about it more at some point, so now I am! As you probably know, we live in a relatively small town, so preschool isn’t a huge deal. You know those articles you read about how competitive preschool admissions are in some places? Boggles my mind. Around here you pick a program and sign up. Or not, and then you just send your kid to kindergarten at age 5. Anyway, we picked her preschool after a friend at church recommended it. She goes two days a week, for four hours. She LOVES it.

There are 12 kids in her class, and each day includes some crafts, some outdoor play, some work on letters/sounds/colors/shapes/whatever, and snack time of course. Kalena comes home every time thrilled to tell us what she’s learned, and excited to work on homework. (Which is good, because she gets a big packet every week for at-home practice.) And now the real reason for this post– we just got her preschool pictures back!


I won’t post her class picture up here, not only because I don’t know how the other parents feel about that, but because it has the kids names printed on it. (Which is awesome for me by the way. Pretty sure Kalena doesn’t know half of them.)

Anyway, aren’t those cute? And that sweater is the cutest. (Thanks to Kari of course. Always.)

7 thoughts on “Preschool

  1. Wow, those are really nice pictures! I thought it was just a black and white 1 inch square! She’s such a pretty little lady these days!! Love the sweater 🙂

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