Today’s fact: Down syndrome is named for John Langdon Down, who first described the condition in 1866.

Daniel had his 6 month Early Intervention assessment on Wednesday. And if you’re thinking, “isn’t he 7 months old?” Yes. But now he’s been doing physical therapy for 6 months. We met with his therapist and our caseworker to go over the goals we originally set for him, and to set new goals. Here were the original goals:

~Holding his head up in different positions and at different angles

~Bringing his hands to midline

~Rolling over

~Focusing on and tracking things

He met all these goals. Actually, the therapist guessed he’d met them by about a month ago, but his assessment was so soon we didn’t bother to meet before that to set new ones. And our new goals (for the next six months):

~Getting into a sitting position (and sitting)


~Focusing on and playing with a book (he sort of does this already, but we want to see him turning pages and such)

~Using a pincher grasp

~Pulling to standing (this is our hopeful goal. It’s sort of expected that he’ll meet the other ones, this one is less sure.)

Also, we’re on for physical therapy once a week and we’ll be having a speech therapist out to assess him within the next month. After his speech assessment we’ll decide on a frequency for speech therapy. And that’s the latest on therapy! I know this post was super thrilling!

Daniel’s not so sure about the whole thing.

10 thoughts on “Assessment

  1. I totally love your blog. You inspire me in ways I can’t even say. Daniel is adorable and you are amazing. Not to idealize you, but I really love your spirit. Thank you for teaching me so much.

    • Thank you! You’re so sweet.

      I try not to idealize our situation, but I really do feel like he’s a big blessing for us.

  2. That was actually really interesting, even if you didn’t think it would be. 😉 I’m very interested in the kinds of goals in therapy for such a little baby. I bet he keeps doing great over the next six months!

    • It’s been interesting for me! When he started I seriously wondered what we’d do during therapy, so it’s been fun to find out.

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