This and that

Today’s fact: Individuals with Down syndrome are more likely to develop Alzheimer’s and tend to develop it earlier than others. This makes sense, because the gene associated with Alzheimer’s is located on the 21st chromosome. (Again with the fascinating genetics.)

How about some bullet points today? Sounds good to me.

~ Will’s favorite toys right now are a couple of squishy little crocodiles, which he calls “FROCK-A-DIE-OHS” (yes, he says it in an all caps voice.) Here he is showing them to the camera.


~ In related news, his favorite new show is a documentary on crocodiles.

~ Kalena has taken to saying, “Try to find me or not!” when she’s hiding. I have no idea where she got the “or not” but she adds it all the time. She also says, “Try to get me or not!” when she wants you to chase her.

~ Will is potty trained. Did I mention that at all here? Brian had a week between the end of his summer job and the beginning of school, so he potty trained him.

~ My parents brought the kids a couple of those mylar helium balloons this weekend and as usual they’re a huge hit. Of course, they’re also a giant pain in a house where the majority of the rooms on the main floor have vaulted ceilings.

~ Kalena is pretty much the world’s best big sister. She always wants Daniel to be happy. And she love to snuggle him.


~ Daniel is decidedly less sure about all the snuggling.

8 thoughts on “This and that

  1. If Amelia ever said, “Try to get me or not” I’d say, “Or not, thanks.” Haha. That’s because I’m lazy. I like how you make it sound like it only took a week to potty train Will. We alllllllll know that no kid ever is trained in a week. But go Will! Love Daniel’s expression too, lol.

    • Brian totally says, “Or not” when she does it.

      Also, I didn’t meant to make it sound like Will only took a week! Just that Brian worked with him that whole week, and that was like months ago and he’s potty trained now.

  2. I like that Kalena seems to be giving you OPTIONS as to whether or not you seek her, but reading what’s above…those may not be true options. : )

    Iris loves the documentary “African Cats.” She and Will would have a good time together with their animal movies.

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