Today: BLAH.

Today’s fact: The term “Down syndrome” is typically used instead of “Down’s syndrome” because John Langdon Down didn’t have it. However, “Down’s syndrome” isn’t incorrect.

Will woke up sick today. When Brian brought him downstairs he was white as a sheet and feverish. Then he started this coughing/gagging/spitting thing and I was sure he was going to puke. He didn’t, but he still looked awful and was complaining that his tummy hurt. Then within hours his color was back, he wanted to eat, and he kept food down just fine. He was totally normal by the end of the day. This isn’t the first time this has happened, so my question is: What is the deal?! Does have a more sensitive stomach? Spike fevers for no reason? Throw up because of a fever? Kalena isn’t like this, so it really throws me off.

Anyway, it meant I spent the morning dealing with a fussy baby while Brian hung out with a sick (?) toddler. Not nearly as much fun as going to Music Makers, which is what I had planned. How was your day?

4 thoughts on “Today: BLAH.

  1. I have ALWAYS WONDERED about that Down vs. Down’s! I’m glad to know I’ve been doing it right no matter what way I say it. 🙂

    You know, sometimes Jack would randomly get sick like that and then it would disappear. Hasn’t happened in a long time, but it definitely weirded me out.

  2. Glad to understand the Down vs. Down’s. and that is really weird about Will! I always think a random fever means throw up but that’s just weirdo me. Glad it was just a fluke!! And good thing Brian was there.

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