Some favorite books

Today’s fact: Down syndrome doesn’t uniformly affect learning abilities. So while people with Down syndrome struggle with spatial and contextual information, they are much better at remembering information linked to sensory cues like colors, or sounds. (Check out this study if you want more info on this.)

Way back in 2010 I wrote this post about some of Kalena’s favorite books. Those two are definitely still in our regular rotation, but we’ve added some more favorites to the list.

The Little House is one of Kalena’s current favorites. And since it was one of my favorites as a kid, I’m glad she likes it. (Although, as a grown up it does get a little tedious when she wants to read it every day.)


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Will is still obsessed with dinosaur books, but he’s also a big fan of Eric Carle these days. The Foolish Tortoise, in particular, gets read often.


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Even Daniel has a favorite book these days. The Dolly Parton Imagination Library sent him Look Look! last month and he LOVES it. If you set it in front of him he will zone right in.


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I mean, I know babies are supposed to like the contrast of black and white, but MAN, I have never seen it in action like this.

What are the favorites at your house these days?

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