Babies with Down Syndrome

Today’s fact: Babies with Down syndrome tend to be sleepy and placid.

I’ve had a few people ask  me what it’s like to have a baby with Down syndrome and I like to tell them it’s like having the easiest baby in the world. Daniel has certainly fit into the “sleepy and placid” category. He rarely cries, and despite his early-bird waking habits he does sleep well. You’ve seen the pictures of him sleeping on the floor; if he’s tired, he just goes to sleep! I think that people expect that having a “special needs baby” would be considerably harder than a typical baby, but that hasn’t been my experience with Daniel at all. Yes, we have a few more doctors appointments than we did with the other kids, and yes, we have early intervention meetings and therapy, but in the day to day? He’s an incredibly easy baby. He is mellow and content. There have been no episodes of inconsolable crying. I haven’t had to spend hours at a time bouncing him in a bouncer to get him to sleep (ahem, WILL.) I don’t worry at all about taking him out places, because I know he’ll do fine.

I’ve also had people ask if things will get harder when he gets older and the answer is, “Who knows?” Just like I can’t predict the future of either of our other kids, I can’t predict the future about Daniel. I’m sure we’ll have challenges with every one of our kids. I have no idea what they’ll be. So for now I’ll just continue enjoying my easiest baby.

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