Troubles with sleep

Today’s fact: (I think I talked about this when I wrote about the Sie Center, but here it is again.) There are 3 types of Down syndrome: Nondisjunction is the most common (about 95% of cases) which is a 3rd copy of the chromosome in every cell. (This is what Daniel has.)
Mosaicism (about 1-2%) happens when only some of the cells have the extra 3rd copy.
Translocation (about 2-3%) happens when the long arm of chromosome 21 is attached to another chromosome. (This is the only kind of Down syndrome that can be inherited.)

Oh sleep. There’s always something going on with it. This time it’s Will. Will is having trouble sleeping. In particular, he only wants to sleep with his door open and the hall light on. For a few nights he was fine as long as his door was open and the light was on when he went to sleep, but the last couple nights he’s woken up in the middle of the night and wanted the light back on. I remember Kalena going through this phase, but she was older, and our solution was to put a touch lamp in her room. (I’m pretty sure I wrote about that.) That worked well for quite a long time, but eventually she started getting up in the middle of the night to turn the light back on, and it started doing more harm than good so we had to take it away. However, Will is still in a crib, so a lamp wouldn’t work anyway.

So my questions to you are: Did your kids go through this phase? Do you have some awesome nightlight that you want to recommend? He has a nightlight right now, but apparently it’s not bright enough. Also, I’m pretty sure wanting the door open isn’t just for the light, so maybe a nightlight isn’t the solution anyway. Suggestions?

7 thoughts on “Troubles with sleep

  1. Margaret is in this phase right now. We gave up and leave the hallway light on all night long. Sometimes she still cries and says it’s not bright enough (light on, door all the way open). It’s very frustrating, especially since we can’t shut our door, so have to learn to sleep with the light. (The cat sleeps on our bed and we can’t lock her in our room. If we try to lock her out, she jiggles the door all night. Also, if we try to just crack the door to minimize the light, she pushes it wide open.) Fun times at our house.

  2. As you know, Amelia goes through lots of sleeping phases, but right now it’s that she wants the door open. As far as night lights, you could get a lamp with a dimmer switch and leave it on really dim, or do you remember that lamp we got Amelia last Christmas with the animal scene that moved? It’s pretty bright and I bet he’d love the animals.. Or I think there’s a fish one too. But you can get all those things at BBB! The lamp is only $10.

  3. The girls have the Twilight Lady bug, two night lights and they sleep with the door unlatched, but pulled shut. There is a night light in the hall outside their room and in the bathroom three free away! And there is a street lamp in front of the neighbors house so it is never dark anyway! The hall light would drive me nuts! Glad we have not had to deal with that yet!

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