Today’s fact: Although there are some physical features common among people with Down syndrome, genetics still plays a big role in how people with Down syndrome look. They will resemble family members more than other people with Down syndrome.

We took a little weekend trip to Denver this weekend. It’s been planned for a while, we were going up for the wedding of a friend of my dad and Brian. We figured we’d take the kids to the aquarium while we were there, and just enjoy the weekend. Then, at the last minute, my sisters (who both live about 2 hours away) decided they’d drive down on Saturday and join us for some aquarium fun!

But this post isn’t actually about the aquarium. Today I just wanted to show you that my sister makes the tiniest little people in the world. Her babies are pretty normal sized when they’re born, but then they just stay SO TINY! Anyway, here’s my niece Addilyn with Daniel:


Addilyn is a year old, but Daniel outweighs her by 2 lbs. She’s 1 inch longer. Those are his 6 month stats compared to her 1 year stats. So he’s actually had another month to grow since then. Kari’s other daughter is tiny too, so it must just be in the genes. My real question is: how does such a tiny girl end up with thigh rolls? Well, however it happens, it’s adorable.

3 thoughts on “Compared

  1. My girls do not grow fast either and supposedly Kendra is ‘underweight’, but she still has rolls on her thighs and they super cute! She is the first of mine to have rolls, even Nora did not really have any and she was my big baby!

  2. It is weird how tiny she is, especially considering the amount of food she eats. I really am curious to see how #3 will be.

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