Today’s fact: People with Down syndrome tend to have straight hair that is fine and thin. Hey! That basically describes my hair too!

Alright, on to pictures of the aquarium. First up, Kalena and Patrick with a giant squid. (Sculpture? Is that a sculpture?)


Kari and Amelia, who is doing a very staged looking open mouth point. Totally not staged, I just got lucky.


Babies at the aquarium for the first time! Me with Daniel, and Kirsta with Ethan (who is not quite a month old here.)



Kalena, comparing herself to a fish. Fish shouldn’t get that big, it’s just freaky.


The crowd. I can’t believe my sisters and I have 9 kids between the 3 of us. NINE! And Kari’s going to have another one in February! That’s just crazy. In related news, WE may be crazy since we voluntarily took 9 kids to an aquarium when the oldest one is 4.


Actually, it was less crazy than I expected. The kids were good, the babies stayed happy, and despite no naps everyone enjoyed themselves.

10 thoughts on “Aquarium

  1. I have alot of people comment on how odd it is that Heidi’s hair is curly! I never realised that was a fact, I thought it was just coincidence that they’d only seen straight-haired kids with Ds…interesting! 🙂

    • I always think it’s fascinating to see where genetics overrides the common features of Down syndrome. Like, Daniel inherited Brian’s big mouth (as did our other kids), so he doesn’t have much tongue protrusion.

  2. Seriously excellent group photo! And I was amazed at how well everyone did (adults included, ha ha!), I think sometimes it’s good planning and sometimes it’s good luck. The aquarium was the latter, since we didn’t plan anything. Good thing fish and sharks are so captivating!

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