Weight check

Today’s fact: People with Down syndrome have smaller than normal heads, usually within the lower 3% on a standard growth chart.

Daniel had his weight check today (remember that at his 6 month visit he was gaining weight too fast?) His growth looked good. He weighs 18 lbs 10.6 oz (a gain of 9.6 oz) and is 27 inches long (3/4 inch growth.) That only dropped his height to weight ratio slightly, but enough that we don’t need to worry for now.

We did laugh about his head size. As my fact up at the top says, smaller head size is common, usually in the bottom 3%. However, our genetics tend the other direction (at 6 months Will’s head was in the 93%.) It seems that for Daniel, the genetic tendency for big heads has balanced out with the Down syndrome tendency for small heads– his head is in the 47%.

He’s a cutie though. Even without a giant head.

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