Maybe she has two left feet.

Today’s fact: People with Down syndrome have a base metabolic rate that is about 15% lower than the average population.

After getting home last night and getting the kids put to bed, I heard my mom say, “Oh no!” Then she came in and said, “These are the shoes Kalena came home in.” and held up these two shoes:


That’s two left shoes, one size nine (hers) one size ten and a half (obviously not hers.) Same brand, same style. There was a bump-n-jump at the party which is where the mix-up must have occurred. I feel a lot worse about the fact that we ended up with someone else’s shoe than the fact that Kalena is missing one. The sizes are close enough that I can see how she might not have noticed the difference, but I was a little surprised that she didn’t notice that she had two left shoes.

What’s funny is that at some point after she had put those shoes on I saw her and told her that her shoes were on the wrong feet. If I’d paid a little more attention I would have seen that I was only half right! Whoops.

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