I’m sensing a theme

Today’s fact: 1 in 5 children with Down syndrome play a musical instrument.

Kalena dressed up in a homemade dinosaur costume for her first Halloween (2008.)

Will in his dragon costume at his first Halloween (2010.)

And Daniel in his own (new!) dragon costume this year.

Maybe WE’RE the reason our kids are obsessed with giant reptiles?

10 thoughts on “I’m sensing a theme

  1. I’ve really enjoyed all the facts. I’ll be sad when October is over and “today’s fact” goes away. There’s that nerdy, data side of me coming out.

  2. Haha, that is funny that you guys picked a dinosaur for Kalena before you ever knew about the future obsession. All very cute costumes!

  3. Just wait ’til you see the full getup I made for Patrick this year… and this is his 3rd year in a row to be a dinosaur. We totally had a dragon costume from Eli’s 1st Halloween that was Daniel’s size but I gave it to goodwill when we moved thinking “none of my kids fit this for dress up!” HE-llo, what about the next round of dragon/dinosaur lovers like Daniel? Lucky for me, you went and got him a new one anyway 🙂

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