Pumpkin carving

Today’s fact: About 20% of people with Down syndrome ages 18 and older live on their own.

You guys, I had such high hopes for pumpkin carving. I thought the kids would be excited and love it and we could totally make it a favorite tradition. It did not go like I’d planned.

Kalena did NOT want to stick her hand in the pumpkin. Seriously, she’s about to cry in this picture. (She said it was scary.)


So I made her stick her hand in, to show her that it wasn’t so bad.


Instead of thinking it wasn’t so bad, she stared at her hand for a while and then gagged. It appears she has a texture aversion. Note to ourselves in the future- never let Kalena go through one of those haunted houses when they stick your hand in gross feeling stuff. Otherwise she’ll be the kid who pukes.

Will was more willing but also grossed out. (No gagging from him though.)



In the end I scraped out all the pumpkins, and Brian carved all the pumpkins. Not exactly the family fun times I’d imagined.


Maybe we’ll try again in a couple years.


14 thoughts on “Pumpkin carving

  1. I have had this experience several times. I finally accepted it this year and did what *I* wanted to do with pumpkins (spray paint them for our stoop). The sum total of people in our house that are sad we didn’t carve is zero.

  2. Last year Amelia was totally into it! Stuck her hand it, helped clean it out, everything. This year she could not have cared less. She pretty much just wanted Melody to play with her in the living room. So I didn’t even take any pictures!

    I can’t believe how old Kalena looks! That’s funny that she gagged. Only funny cuz she wasn’t at my house.

  3. Maybe Kalena has the thing I have. Do you know what I’m talking about? I can’t look at moss on a rock without feeling like its on my skin and start itching like crazy. Things like that. I have a minor (similar) reaction to seeds inside a bell pepper. I could see a pumpkin working the same way. Just another way in which I’m crazy.

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