Are you sick of me yet?

I sure hope not, because it’s November! Once again time for NaBloPoMo!

NaBloPoMo November 2012


I thought about not doing it this year. I mean, I DID just blog every day in October. But in the end I couldn’t skip it. I’ve done it every year! This will be my 5th year in a row! And I’ve managed to complete it every year so far, so I couldn’t just let it slide this time.

However, because I just blogged every day for the last month, my random topics file (you know, the one in my head) is pretty low. So if there’s anything YOU want me to write about, let me know in the comments. Particularly anything about Daniel, I know sometimes people don’t want to ask things, but go ahead and ask.

7 thoughts on “Are you sick of me yet?

  1. I am really, really curious how juggling 3 children is going! Also I love hearing the tidbits about how each of the kids interact with each other. What about things you learn about your kids when you spend one on one time with them that gives you insight different than when you see the 3 of them together? Also if you have tips on meal planning/grocery shopping, I’m all years. It’s the toughest thing for me right now.

  2. Just because I’m shifting back into my own funky self, how do you keep your identity as a SAHM when you were a freaking chemical engineer? Not much chance to use that ’round the house. So you should take November and post a daily funky fact about Elsha… or Brian… he’s got some pretty funky facts in his closet…

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