Music Makers Halloween

Most Wednesday mornings we go to Music Makers. It’s an hour long thing, there’s some singing, some marching/dancing/bubbles, and a story. The kids love it. They were especially excited to go this week because, hey! Halloween! Another chance to wear costumes! I took advantage of the fact that Music Makers is a) indoors and b) during the day to talk Kalena into wearing a costume that wouldn’t be warm enough otherwise– Ariel!

This is the best picture I have. She was much more interested in running around than posing. Also, I know you can’t tell here (since I cropped out all children that do not belong to me) but the kid right next to Kalena was dressed in the same Old Navy dragon costume that Will has. I kept accidentally centering him with Kalena, thinking Will was dressed as a dragon instead of Spider-Man.


This deserved a photo because Will NEVER volunteers to participate as a song helper. In the past even on the rare occasion that he would raise his hand to help he always refused when he actually got picked. But Wednesday he volunteered and actually helped! Without Kalena! A big step for him.


Daniel was, once again, enthused beyond belief.



He’s probably wondering what’s up with the dragon suit.

P.S. Both Kalena’s Wonder Woman costume and her Ariel costume came to us in a box of hand-me-downs from my cousins. They’re excellent additions to our dress up box, but I figured we might as well change it up with all our events! I tried to talk Will into wearing his dragon at least once, but that was a no-go. He insisted on being Spider-Man.

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