Speech evaluation

If you’ll recall, the Sie Center recommended that we start speech therapy for Daniel at 9 months. We requested this at his six month evaluation and our case manager agreed that we could have a speech evaluation. That happened on Thursday. The speech therapist who came out, Irene, was actually the same one who was at his initial evaluation, so that was nice. Daniel was tired and cranky, but he was vocal enough that I feel like it was a good representation of where he is in terms of speech.

Here’s what she had to tell us: Normally, there needs to be a 40% delay to be eligible for services. Daniel definitely doesn’t meet that criteria; at this point he’s not 40% behind. However, Down syndrome qualifies him for services regardless, because the delay is expected.

This is pretty much the best of both worlds for us– he’s only slightly delayed, but we get speech therapy anyway! Because the delay is expected in kids with Down syndrome, it’s better to start therapy early and minimize it, rather than waiting for them to be way behind. We discussed and agreed that seeing a speech therapist once a month is good for now, and he’ll be reevaluated at a year. As was the case with physical therapy, the more development happening, the more often therapy needs to be happening. So he won’t need speech really often until he’s, you know, learning to talk and stuff. Anyway, yahoo for speech therapy!

4 thoughts on “Speech evaluation

  1. It seems odd that they can even evaluate a 9 month old on their speech! I feel like if someone had evaluated Addilyn at 9 months it would’ve been like, “Well, yes, she’s a baby. She may say ‘goo goo’ and she may not.” Im surprised they can even tell that some babies are behind, Down Syndrome or not! Interesting.

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