My hair

Alright, here’s what my hair looks like right now (literally right now, I took this picture when I opened my laptop to write this post):


That’s washed and air dried (I don’t even own a blow dryer) but not straightened.

I love having long hair, HOWEVER, I’m a little sick of it right now. Daniel is a hair puller (the first of our kids who is) so I’m constantly wearing it up. And if I wear it up every day, what’s the point, right?

Here’s the shortest I’ve had my hair as an adult. (This picture is from after Kalena was born, but I also cut it about that length when I was pregnant with Will.)


I have a really square jaw (as you can see) so I’m wary of cutting it shorter and making my face look even more square than it is. Also, I don’t want bangs again, because I never trim them, so they just grow out.

So, what should I do with my hair?!

10 thoughts on “My hair

  1. First of all, why the crap does you and Kirsta’s hair grow like weeds and mine has taken 10 years to be not as long as yours? Maybe I need to stop dying mine? Anyway- I’m a fan of long hair, but you’re right, if you just wear it up all the time then what’s the point? But if you like it long, I’m sure the hair pulling is just a phase.

  2. I actually like the shorter hair in the second picture. It’s still long enough to pull back if you need to but not so short it would be a drastic change. Jackson is a hair puller and my hair was about to the middle of my back when I cut it almost into a pixie because I was tired of the hair pulling and wearing it up all the time. I ended up liking it so I have kept it short but I keep debating trying to grow it out in a year or two.

  3. I love your long hair! I’d probably keep wearing it back when you need to. Hopefully he’ll grow out of the hair pulling phase quicker than it would take you to cut and then grow your hair out again. Maybe some long layers to give a bit of volume?

  4. I vote dye it black. Then again, my information got messed up on blogger so I am not actually REGISTERED to vote, my vote to dye it black is only provisional and may or may not be counted.

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