Definitely followed through with that one

On a to a ligher topic today. Have I ever told you guys about this?


For those of you who don’t know, I went to Colorado School of Mines and got a degree in Chemical Engineering. Senior  year the graduating class (there were about 50 of us) voted on various awards and I got this one (and yes, I voted for myself.) Actually, they gave two of us this award, probably because we were the only two in the class who openly wanted to stay at home with kids. I got a lot of “Why are you getting an engineering degree if you just want to stay home?” which is a legitimate question I suppose. Why work my butt off if I didn’t ever want to use the degree? But I’m a math and science nerd at heart, and if I’d done something easier just because it was easier I would always have felt bad about it. Anyway, that’s not really the point of this post. Salina wanted to know how juggling three kids is going, and since she also went to Mines I thought she’d appreciate my award there.

So, three kids. I’ve told several people that three kids hasn’t been any harder than two kids, and for the most part I think that’s true. The day to day logistics of three kids is just about the same. Yes, I have to make sure I have some sort of carrier for him if I’m leaving the house, or a bottle if he’s going to need fed, but not much else changed. I still have to make sure these small people get dressed and fed and played with. It probably helps some that Daniel is an easy baby. He doesn’t cry if I wake him up from his nap to get Kalena from preschool. He doesn’t need rocked or bounced to sleep. He’s pretty content to hang out on the floor, especially if the other kids are around.

I do struggle a little to get enough down time. I’m an introvert for sure, and before Daniel I could count on having nap time to myself to read or blog or make dinner even. BY MYSELF. But now he’s often up during their naps, and on Wednesday his therapy is during their nap. So I feel a little more stressed out sometimes. (It doesn’t help that we keep traveling every weekend. I mean, all the trips have been good, but when you’re in a hotel room with four other people there is definitely no down time.) Things are definitely busy, but I love it. Maybe I’ll have to do one of those “day in the life posts” to give a better idea how things work around here.


8 thoughts on “Definitely followed through with that one

  1. Oh, just wait until Brian finishes school and you live in another state with no family and three kids and he’s gone 40+ hours a week at some job… it’ll be like mom says, “okay, NOW I am busy!” Luckily my life has moved backwards since we moved to Pueblo, so I look back on 3 kids and a job and Joe working 65 hours while we remodeled our house and I say “holy CRAP I was busy! And man that sucked… let’s not do that again.” I don’t envy anyone who has to move in the tougher direction!

    • Yeah, we moved in the opposite direction as most people money-wise. Lots of couples are poor newly weds– we had plenty of money as newly weds then lived on less than half that as a family of four!

  2. I meant to ask you: if you weren’t staying home, and let’s say you were going to put Daniel in daycare, would you have to find one that’s specially licensed for special-needs kids? Would it be more expensive, do you know?

    I’d love to read a “day in the life” post!

  3. I look back on the days of one kid that took 2 2-hour naps a day and wonder why I didn’t get more done! With Addilyn’s 1 45-minute nap a day that only sometimes coincides with Amelia’s, I’ve come to realize that everything I do will be with at least 1 kid. And with a 3rd on the way I’m just hoping for a couple hours of sleep at night and maybe a hot shower by myself (even then though, Addilyn plays in the bathroom.) I guess it’s what we signed up for though, and soon enough we’ll wish life was still this easy.

  4. Thanks for answering! I love that you got that award at Mines. 🙂

    How do you manage things like grocery shopping, or clothes shopping for yourself? Once my kids turned 2, I could easily do grocery shopping with them. And once they turned 3, normal clothes shopping became easier. But I still relay on 8-10 pm to have time for me. I really love hearing about the logistics of families bigger than my own.

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