During his documentary even

I’m not a big time-change complainer. Going out of town for the weekend (which apparently we do often) throws the kids schedule more out of whack than the time change. Kalena gets up in the wee hours of the morning whether there is sunshine or not, so it’s really not a huge deal for us. But I guess this time change hit Will a little harder than I thought, because after standing in line to vote on Tuesday we came home and put on a movie and this happened:


It didn’t last long since we had to pick up Kalena from preschool. I was surprised he was so good in the voting line though, if he was that tired! Couldn’t even stay awake for his favorite crocodile documentary.

3 thoughts on “During his documentary even

  1. Randomly, the time change had an opposite effect on Addilyn. She’s been sleeping in LATER, which would be even later if there hadn’t been a time change. So instead of 5:30, she gets up around 7, which would have been 8! And we still put her to bed at 6, which I guess to her feels like 7. I don’t know what’s up but I’ll take it!!

  2. Awwww, Mr. Crocodile lost his biggest fan to a nap 🙂 On a leather couch, no less! Cold and uncomfortable for naps to all but the most tired of toddlers. Buster is too dang cute.

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