More on life with 3 kids

Okay, a few things I didn’t address with that other post.

Grocery shopping: As you probably know, we’re living with my parents while Brian finishes school, which actually makes grocery shopping incredibly easy. Because I don’t do it. Friday evenings (usually) my mom and I plan menus for the following week. We write up a grocery list and a menu list. Then, first thing Saturday morning, my parents take Kalena (and her adorable shopping cart) and go grocery shopping. I hated grocery shopping even with just the two kids, so I imagine when we are living on our own again I’ll either do evening grocery shopping or early Saturday morning shopping BY MYSELF. As much as I hate using my free time to grocery shop, I hate grocery shopping with kids more.

Other shopping: Because Brian is a student he’s home in the afternoons, so if I have other shopping to do that’s usually when I do it. Once again, spoiled for now! I can manage with all the kids if I have a very specific (and SHORT) list. I prefer not to shop with the kids though. Right now Daniel is actually the easiest to shop with. He’s very mellow and usually happy to either be in a car seat (in a cart, I can’t haul that thing around) or in the ergo.

Lest this make it sound like I never leave the house, I do. BUT! I pretty much only go places the kids want to go. So I’ll haul all three kids to story time at the library, or to our music group on Wednesday, or to the dinosaur museum. I just don’t want to deal with three kids while I’m doing things like deciphering grocery store prices. When I take the three kids out I wear Daniel, and (because I’m lucky) the other two kids are happy to hold hands and stick with me while walking and they’re well behaved during activities. Also, if I really, really need to do something during the day when other adults aren’t around I’ll try to do it while Kalena’s at preschool so I only have to deal with the boys. And there you have it.


5 thoughts on “More on life with 3 kids

  1. I love how you talk about free time like its something that’s owed to us. Pretty sure that by choosing to have 3 kids free time becomes a rarity. But I also hate grocery shopping with 2 kids because a) couponing is time consuming and b) there’s no room in the cart when you pile in 2 kids! I actually prefer to run errands with the kids, though. If I have nothing planned for the day we just sit in our pjs and I tend to be less patient. Today we went to the dog groomer twice (she needed shots first, which I didn’t know), the vet for Khloe to get shots, Jonathan’s work to bring him breakfast, then home for naps and then back out again to the beauty supply store. And now the days almost over! Woo hoo!

  2. I haaaaate grocery shopping with kids. Right now, Ryan goes where I go, so he’s still coming, but he rides in his K’Tan and mostly isn’t much trouble. I do my best to shop on Sundays when Matt is home so that I can leave Elizabeth with him.

  3. I stopped grocery shopping with kids when Dylan was about 1! So that was about 4 years ago! I go on Saturdays when Scott is home and the kids are usually napping. Its my weekly vacation!

  4. I grocery shopped with 3 kids for over a year because Joe was never home at a decent time for me to go alone. I have no sympathy. Sorry.

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