A day in the life

This was my day on Thursday:

5:00 am Hear Daniel over the monitor. Roll over and hope he goes back to sleep. He does.

6:00 Brian’s alarm goes off. He goes to the basement to work out.

6:30 Kalena’s sun comes on, signaling that she can get up for the day (aka, leave her room.) She goes to join Brian in his workout. Sometimes she comes in to talk to me first, but not today.

6:45 Daniel is talking again, more insistent this time. I get up, throw on some clothes, and brush my teeth.

6:55 Check on Will before going downstairs. He’s awake, so I get him out of his crib. He tells me about his “little brachiosaurus and big T-Rex.”

7:00 Make Daniel a bottle while the kids ask me a million questions about the day. They keep him company while I finish the bottle. Get Daniel, who is happy to see me as usual. Change him and feed him. Read while he eats. Remind the kids to share.

7:25 Make the kids breakfast– scrambled eggs with cheese. Make our breakfast while they eat– scrambled eggs with onion, green pepper, tomatoes, and cheese. Eat. The kids play after they scarf down two eggs each. Remind the kids to be nice.

7:55 Put away a load of clean kids clothes that’s been in my room for DAYS. Help Kalena finish getting dressed. Sigh at her choice of outfit.

8:10 Bring clothes down for Will and get him dressed. Do Kalena’s hair for preschool.

8:20 Make breakfast for Daniel– rice cereal with pears. Feed him while Brian gets Kalena’s snack, water, and backpack ready for preschool. (And does the breakfast dishes.)

8:35 Get Daniel changed and dressed. Brian takes Kalena to preschool and Will goes along for the ride. I play with Daniel.

9:00 It’s early, but Daniel is acting tired, so I lay him down for a nap. Brian and Will get home. Will plays while I read.

9:25 Will watches his favorite crocodile documentary. I finish the book I’m reading.

10:30 Brian leaves for school. I get Will ready, wake Daniel up and load both kids in the car. I’m volunteering at Kalena’s school today from 11-12. I’m the only mom who brings other kids when I volunteer. (They’re always good!)

12:15 Get home and fix Kalena and Will some leftovers for lunch. Fix myself some different leftovers. The kids eat a surprising amount of food in 10 minutes, then play and entertain Daniel while I eat. Remind the kids to share.

12:40 Put Kalena and Will down for naps. Change Daniel and feed him a bottle. Read while he eats.

1:05 Lay Daniel (who is asleep) down for an afternoon nap. Put the lunch dishes in the dishwasher. Figure I should do something productive. Eat M&Ms and start “An Abundance of Katherines” instead.

2:30 Brian gets home and we chat while he eats lunch.

2:50 Leave for a church related meeting.

3:50 Home again. The kids play while I read some more. Remind the kids to be nice.

4:45 Feed Daniel some dinner. More rice cereal with pears.

5:00 Take everyone to McDonald’s for our dinner because A) we have coupons for free happy meals, and B) we’ve been promising Kalena for WEEKS that we would go eat there so she could play on the toys.

6:05 Get home, get Daniel dressed for bed and feed him a bottle. Brian gets the other kids in pajamas and reads stories.

6:40 Put all the kids to bed. It’s early, but they’re tired and go without complaining.

7:10 Leave for Kalena’s preschool parent teacher conference. (Did you know they did these for preschool?)

7:50 Realize on my way home that we need formula. Stop at Target. Browse the entire store because I love Target. Talk to my mom and my sister on the phone while I’m there. Manage to make it out with only a couple extra things.

8:50 Get home, report on the parent teacher conference to Brian and finally relax!

(Then normally bed time would be about 10:30 but I stayed up way too late on Thursday. Also, I don’t always read that much, so if you substitute “check twitter/blog/play on my phone” that’s more usual.)

6 thoughts on “A day in the life

  1. That is fun! i should do one of these! Maybe two, I have a couple days a week that are completely crazy and couple that are pretty laid back. I would not have the motivation for an evening parent teacher conference! My brain shuts off once the kids are in bed 🙂

    • We actually scheduled it for then thinking we could put the kids to bed and then my parents would be home so Brian and I could both go to the conference. But then my parents went out of town, so I had to go alone anyway!

  2. Ha! I love target too. Who doesn’t? Also, I think I’m understanding a bit more how this works for you. I can’t read or do anything on my phone or computer while Ruby’s awake. She either whines or goes after it. I need some older kids to keep her entertained.

  3. Laura, you ARE correct (in spite of Elsha’s independant baby), that IS the reason to have more than one. If they didn’t entertain each other for you, you would have to be insane to have more than one… which is why I think it’s insane to space kids apart very far – then they don’t entertain each other! Also, Elsh, what’s this “FINALLY relax” junk? I caught about 11 hours of reading (or blog/twitter/iPhone) in there, which counts as relaxing, even if kids are awake and in the same room as you. I count “unloading the dishwasher” as relaxing, too, if my kids aren’t in the room. Daniels’ sleep schedule sounds about like Eli’s was, and MAN was it was awesome! Like I had 1 and 1/4 kids, not 2 kids. Your life sounds very do-able, so count your many blessings! (My life is very do-able right now, too, I’m not trying to hate, just reminding you that it could definitely be worse).

    • Oh, I know it could definitely be worse. And when I say “finally relax” I mean I’m done being “on” for the day, you know? Nobody else is going to come in demanding some milk or crying that someone won’t share or asking me a hundred times if they’ve already had naps or not.

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