Will at almost 3

Out of nowhere, Will has started insisting that we call him crocodile (frockodile in his language.) He won’t answer to anything else, and gets very sad if you don’t remember. We have a lot of conversations that go like this:

Me: Will, want to read a book?

Will (in a very sad voice): No, I’m just a frockodile!

Me: Oh, okay. Crocodile, want to read a book?

Will (happily): Yeah!

He alternates crocodile with pterodactyl and t-rex. I forget about a hundred times a day. Kalena, on the other hand, remembers EVERY time. And Will adores her for it. He also sometimes insists on not wearing pants because “frocodiles don’t need pants.”

He mimics Kalena all the time. He’s picked up her habit of starting his requests with, “Maybe we could…” He also likes to say exactly what she’s said, right after she says it.

The minute I get him out of his crib in the morning he tells me he’s hungry and he wants breakfast. It’s true too, the kid could eat his weight in breakfast food.

On Kalena’s preschool days Will likes to get his own backpack and put a snack in it (same snack as Kalena of course!) and then go with Brian to take her to school. He eats his snack as soon as they get back.

He loves taking pictures on photo booth or with the iphone camera so he can see himself. Like so:


He’s a cute kid.



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