I’ve got nothing

This is like the month that never ends. I almost forgot to blog today! It’s been one of those days though. Will was sick this morning, Kalena had school, Daniel wouldn’t nap this afternoon, and I had book club this evening. Busy busy.

We’re having family pictures taken tomorrow for our Christmas cards. I’m excited to get them done, but I’m a little torn about how I feel about my hair. I’m getting it all chopped off on Friday, so on one hand I’m glad to take the pictures before in case I hate it, but on the other hand, it kinda sucks to get pictures just before I make a big change like that. OH WELL. It’s already planned.

In other news, we’re supposed to be going to two Christmas parties on Saturday! The first is a brunch put on by the Mile High Down Syndrome Association. The western slope chapter is, unfortunately, in Montrose (about 90 minutes from here) but we’d like to go and meet people anyway. And the second is our annual book club dinner. It’s the only time husbands also come to book club, and because my mom and I both belong, it’s the one time a year Brian and I actually have to pay a babysitter.

And changing the subject one last time, I’m reading “A Discovery of Witches” and really enjoying it, but it’s kind of slow going. I’m worried it’s screwing up my page count. I’m going to have to come up with some really fast reads to make up for it.

5 thoughts on “I’ve got nothing

  1. Yay, I’m glad to hear you’re going to a DSA function!! I can’t tell you how many great people I have met in the Ds community that I’d never have met if not for our common bond. I hope it’s a wonderful morning!

    I noticed Book Thief in your stack to read…for me that was also sllloooooow reading. Just a heads up 🙂

    • We’re excited to go! I have one acquaintance here in town who has a daughter with Ds, but I don’t see her often.

      And thanks for the heads up about Book Thief- I may have to save that one for after the new year and switch it with something quicker.

  2. I liked Discovery of Witches a lot. I read it concurrently with other books, though. I had it on my Kindle and mainly read when stuck places, like waiting rooms. At home I read faster moving stuff! It took a few weeks to get through, but I liked it better spread out (as opposed to putting in a lot of time and being frustrated NOTHING WAS HAPPENING).

    • I don’t mind putting in the time, and the slow pace doesn’t even bother me. It’s just that I have a good idea how many pages per hour I can read for YA lit or most contemporary fiction and this is taking like twice as long!

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