Last day!

Remind me next year not to commit to blogging every day for two months in a row. I’m really sick of blogging right now. Fortunately November is over!

I got my hair chopped this morning. I told her to go as short as she thought would still look good with my face shape, and here it is:



It’ll probably be a few days before I’m used to it, and not startled when I see myself in the mirror, but I like it.

8 thoughts on “Last day!

  1. It looks so nice!! I’ve had a pixie for about 15 years now and the only thing I sometimes miss is the ability to make drastic changes like that.

    Kudos for the two whole months. I didn’t even *really* make it through one!

    • After Thanksgiving I just kept thinking, “When is this month going to END?!”

      It was fun to make the drastic change, but I’m really lazy about my hair, so it will probably be long again soon.

  2. You think you’RE startled?! Who the heck has hijacked my sister’s blog and is now posting pictures of herself? Do your children even respond to you anymore, or do they run away because there’s a stranger in the house?

    That said, I like it! I bet you’re loving it. And accidentally using too much shampoo still (it’s a tough transition).

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