What we’ve been up to


A quick run down of the things we’ve been doing lately.

Decorating gingerbread houses. Yes, Kalena is wearing a witch costume. And a satin glove. Didn’t want to risk being underdressed, I suppose.


Snuggling. Can never get enough!


Digging for bones at the dinosaur museum. (The number of times a year we go to there is a little ridiculous.)


Christmas crafts. Decorating felt trees with Christmas themed buttons for ornaments. Great craft for this age by the way.


Baking! Peanut butter blossoms, melt aways, mexican wedding cookies, sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, and fudge.


And shoveling snow. That was this morning- the kids were testing out their new child-sized shovels.


What have you been up to?


3 thoughts on “What we’ve been up to

  1. Same old same around here! I love the picture of Kalena and Daniel- he looks so handsome with a new haircut! And way to go on the baking!! I think we’ll just take a plate of chocolate chip cookies to ONE of my neighbors. Fail.

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