What the kids are getting for Christmas

I love hearing what other people’s kids are getting for Christmas, so today I’ll tell you what our kids are getting. Kalena first.

From Santa:

The Rapunzel tower with light-up-hair Rapunzel. She played with this at a cousin’s house last summer and loved it. So when I found it on clearance at walmart I picked it up.


Rapunzel tower

(Photo credit: shopko.com)

From us:

This actually worked out really well since I had already purchased her this set of Rapunzel toys and they’re the perfect size for the tower.

rapunzel toys


(Photo credit: disneystore.com)

This book, which I picked because she loves the “Frog and Toad” books so much.

owl at home

(Photo credit: barnesandnoble.com)

Lyra Heartstring to go with her other my little ponies.

my little pony


(Photo credit: amazon.com)

Next, Will’s gifts.

From Santa:

An Elasmosaurs play set. Will loves “swimming dinosaurs” but we don’t have any. Yet!




(Photo credit: toysrus.com)

From us:

A set of Toy Story 3 figurines. This is the same style of set at the Rapunzel set we got for Kalena.

toy story 3 toys

(Photo credit: disneystore.com)

This set of three classic Mercer Mayer stories. It includes “There’s a Nightmare in My Closet” which he loves, as well as “There’s an Alligator Under My Bed” which I assume he’ll love since he’s obsessed with alligators/crocodiles.

There's something there

(Photo credit: barnesandnoble.com)

Speaking of being obsessed with alligators/crocodiles, we got him this alligator to go with his Little People zoo.


(Photo credit: fisher-price.com)

And Daniel’s gifts. We didn’t distinguish a “Santa” gift here, since he’s not old enough to care. I’m a little surprised I managed to find this many baby toys that we don’t already own some version of.

An activity triangle. I picked this one in particular because one side has a mirror, and Daniel is very into mirrors right now.

activity triangle


(Photo credit: amazon.com)

A first words board book. (Not the nook version, which is where the link goes. I don’t know why they don’t have the board book on the website.)

First 100 words

(Photo credit: barnesandnoble.com)

This suction cup flower. You can stick it on the high chair tray!

stick and play suction toy

(Photo credit: amazon.com)

An oball rattle. Daniel’s still working on grasping, so easy to grab toys are good.

Oball rattle

(Photo credit: amazon.com)

These activity blocks. Good for working on his fine motor skills.

stacking action blocks


(Photo credit: amazon.com)

Kalena and Will are also getting stockings for the first time! We got basically the same thing for each of them. The stockings each have a dollar bin dinosaur puzzle, a handful of tiny dinosaurs (leftover from Will’s potty training bribes), M&Ms, a coloring poster/book, and a pair of the dinosaur chopsticks from this post. (Both t-rex, of course.)

And there you have it! I’ll tell you what they’re getting from my parents too, if you’re interested, but this post got a little long. Oh, and I doubt the prices on most of these links are what I actually spent. We spent about $50 on each kid, plus stockings for the older kids (about an additional $5 each.) So, what are your kids getting for Christmas?


6 thoughts on “What the kids are getting for Christmas

  1. Elizabeth is basically getting everything for Christmas because Matt always goes overboard. He imported things from England this year. All the toys in the US weren’t enough apparently.

    We have those figure sets and they are great. Just the right size, long lasting, fantastic.

  2. A whole lot of toys. For the past 3 years I’ve either gotten Amelia nothing (left it to the Grandparents) or practical stuff but, this year I had a “We have NO good toys!” Moment, so we went a little crazy at Target. They get a Ballapolooza from mom and dad, a kiddie drum set and guitar, a doctor kit, a couple books, DVDs, and coloring books. I’ll have to post pictures after Christmas.

  3. My eyes about popped out of my head at the elasmosaurus. i think I’ll be buying that for Patrick’s birthday. We actually have that set of stacking blocks you got Daniel! You could have had ours… if I could remember where they are… now you’ve got me wondering… Looks like the kids are in for a good christmas! You’ll see our new dinos and dragons when you get here 🙂

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