Will turned three!

In all my avoiding my blog in December, I never posted about the fact that Will turned 3! Three! In my head he’s still like 18 months old. Anyway, his 3 year check up isn’t until Friday, so I can’t tell you how huge his head is yet. I can, however, show you this picture of the awesome spiderman cake I made him.


I went out of my way to find a spiderman that would fit on a cake (after his repeated requests for a spiderman cake) but when it came down to it he did NOT want that spiderman on there. He just wanted the web. I only put it on for the pictures. Anyway, no presents because we did his party in the summer, but here’s a little about Will at age three:

He says “I’m am!” instead of “I am”

He will sometimes put himself in timeout if he knows he’s done something wrong. (Generally this happens if he hurts Kalena.)

He continues to be a huge breakfast eater and he has a ridiculous sweet tooth.

He’ll tell you, “my tummy aches for…” when he wants a certain food. (Usually some kind of dessert.) He apparently doesn’t know that “ache” means “hurt.”

He is in a phase of not wanting his picture taken.

He often says, “I smell something” and then when you ask what he’ll give you a response that makes no sense. For instance, last night he told me he smelled something and when I asked what he said, “That noise.” Okay kid.

He’s still obsessed with dinosaurs, crocodiles, and reptiles in general.

He talks a lot and I often hear him repeating Kalena exactly.

If you say something he doesn’t like or that makes him mad he’ll say, “You not talk to me!” or “You not say dat!”

He’s pretty awesome.

11 thoughts on “Will turned three!

  1. I think I’m going to go to your house for my next birthday so that you can make me a cake. Yes, I expect a fancy cake. I’m traveling to grand junction for crying out loud!

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