Snow day!

These pictures are actually from Christmas eve, but whatever.

Kalena is always eager to help shovel the driveway, so my dad decided the kids needed some kid sized shovels. This was their first time testing them out. They thoroughly enjoyed them.

Will trying to catch a snowflake on his tongue. He was pretty convinced he had to squat down to do it. Don’t ask me.



Kalena shoveling the walkway. 4 year old me is a little jealous of her bright pink snow pants.



Will showing me his shovelful of snow. Next he proceeded to scatter it all over the driveway. Didn’t quite grasp the purpose of shoveling.



4 thoughts on “Snow day!

  1. Yeah, my kids are about as “helpful” when it comes to shoveling. But hey, at least in all their snow gear they can’t run away from me as fast 😉

    Speaking of snow gear, the stuff they have for kids these days is SO cute. I grew up in Alaska and I never looked as cute as my kiddos do in the winter.

    • Kalena is fairly helpful, but Will not so much.

      I grew up here in Colorado, and I think that cute snow gear existed, but I always had hand-me-down snow pants. From my brothers. (I did have a fuchsia coat one year. I’m sure that looked lovely with my red hair.)

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