Random cute moments

Just some miscellaneous pictures from my visit to Pueblo.

Tiny, disgruntled Addilyn in a tiny hand crocheted snuggie. Bonus shot of Kari’s belly. Next month, WOO!


Cousins! Hanging out with Amelia has convinced Kalena she wants a younger sister.


Caroline and Amelia in a tiny leather chair. (P.S. That chair is GREAT to sit in when you’re putting on shoes.)




Daniel sporting some post-bath hair. Despite his acting tortured when *I* bathe him, he acted like baths are his all time favorite activity when Kari did. I guess she’s got the magic.


Early birds Kalena and Addilyn sharing some morning screen time. Not pictured: Kari and I lounging in pajamas, half awake.


Quite the group we’re getting! Daniel is wondering why nobody is holding him properly. Ethan was asleep in his car seat across the room.



Found the perfect onesie for Daniel in the clearance section at Old Navy. He is the snuggliest baby ever!



Come on over and he’ll give you a hug too.

8 thoughts on “Random cute moments

  1. Patrick’s pretty convinced he IS holding Daniel properly – just grab and squeeze, right? And we ARE coming for big hugs, don’t rush me!

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