Buster Bear

We moved Will to a toddler bed, did I mention that? It’s only been a week (ish) and he’s been doing great. He does pretty well staying in bed, although he and Kalena now like to talk at night before going to sleep. We usually have to go regulate a couple times a night before they actually go to sleep.

Anyway, last night around nine he started crying, so I went in and asked him what was wrong and he said, “I need Buster Bear!” I said, “Oh you need Buster Bear? Where is he?” And Will replied very seriously, “I wuv him.”

And love him he does.

Will is hiding Buster Bear in his shirt here.


And here he is at 10 months old! Back when Buster Bear didn’t look grubby all the time. (Even fresh out of the wash.)



Look how young!

4 thoughts on “Buster Bear

  1. Snugglies are the best! They fix everything. Addilyn LOVES her Swaddle blanket so much, I love to see her eyes light up when she finds it. Cute picture of Will so young!

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