Things I don’t want to forget

Kalena calls Daniel’s therapist his “recipe.” I cannot even tell you how confused I was the first time she asked me if the recipe had toys. The conversation went something like this:

Kalena: Does the recipe have toys?

Me: What?

Kalena: The recipe. Is it the recipe with toys?

Me: What?

Kalena: Does the recipe have toys to bring?

Me: What recipe are you talking about?!

Kalena: The recipe that comes over to help Daniel.


Kalena: Yeah. Does she have toys?

(She can say the word therapist, she just has a hard time remembering it.)

Kalena still calls ginger ale “gingerella” and she calls Cinderella “Cinda-lella”

Will is currently in love with the movie Fantasia, both the original and the 2000 version. He distinguishes between them by calling them “Bantasia with the dinosaurs” (original) and “Bantasia with the animals” (2000.)

Will like to come up to you and say, “I need some-ting” whenever he wants a snack. When you ask what he needs he’ll say, “Some-ting in the kitchen.”

Now that Will is in a bed that he can get out of, sometimes Kalena gets him up in the morning. The other day as they walked by our door Kalena said to Will, “Let me tell you why we get up early.” Will is our “late sleeper” since he regularly sleeps all the way til 7!

When my mom and I get ready to go to yoga Kalena says, “You guys going to ya-go?”

Will still regularly substitutes an “fr” or “fw” sound at the beginning of words instead of whatever they actually start with. Closet if “fwoset” crocodile is still “frockodile” and he’ll tell you baby Daniel is “fweeping” when he’s asleep. This habit makes it extra amusing to me that he says “Bantasia” instead of “Fantasia.”

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