Things I’m loving

Not much interesting going on around here, unlike in Pueblo where my sister had her baby on Valentine’s day! You can read Kari’s birth story or look at Kirsta’s pictures from the birth if you want something more exciting. From me all you’re getting is a list of my current favorite things.

This Burt’s Bees Honey  & Shea Conditioning Bar

burts bees

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I got a Burt’s Bees gift set at Christmas and it came with this soap. I shouldn’t have been surprised to like it, since I pretty much love everything they make, but it makes me happy every time I use it.

Our Jambox

jambox in hand

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It’s sort of a long story why we got one of these, but who cares! It’s awesome! It’s tiny, but it puts out great sound and it’s compatible with any blue tooth device. They are spendy, but it would make a great birthday/father’s day/Christmas gift.

My iPad case

ipad case

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Did I tell you I got an iPad? Uh, I got an iPad. I love it (why wouldn’t I?!) But I love it even more because I got this awesome case for it. Removable blue-tooth keyboard (so I can blog) AND pretty colors! It was surprisingly hard to find one that was colorful and had a keyboard. Apparently iPad case makers think that only serious business-y people want keyboards, so all the cases that include them are black.

My laminator


{photo credit:}

I’m such a nerd. Okay, a little explanation here: I teach music to kids at church (ages 3-12) and I use a lot of visual aids to help them learn the songs. I’d been “laminating” them with clear contact paper, but they didn’t look great. My sister informed me that laminators are a) awesome and b) relatively inexpensive so I bought one. And now that I’ve laminated all my visual aids I find myself wondering what else I have that might need laminating.

What are you loving these days?

12 thoughts on “Things I’m loving

  1. Dude! We just got a wireless speaker and I LOVE it! Listening to (and of course singing along to) music seriously boosts my mood. I consider it a worthwhile investment in my mental health. Now I just need to get an iPad and that case cause they look AWESOME.

  2. It IS funny how you start getting antsy to laminate things… and sticking a magnet on the back of anything makes it a “craft project” so you can laminate all kinds of kids’ pictures and artwork for fridge magnets, and feel like you’re doing something above and beyond sticking a coloring book and some crayons in their face. Laminator = cool craft mom. Sorta.

  3. I love my laminator. I got one a few Black Friday’s ago for something crazy like $30. I figured I’d create all kinds of things to use it for, but I think I’ve used it twice in three years! I still love the idea of it, though…

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