Conversations with the kids

Kalena: I wonder why rockets say 3, 2, 1, lasso?

Me (laughing): They say 3, 2, 1, blast off. Because they blast off the ground.

Kalena: Okay. 3, 2, 1, blasso!

Me: Close enough.


Me: Will, let’s pick your toys up.

Will: No way.


Me: Will, come get dressed.

Will: No way.


Me: Will, do you need to pee?

Will: No way.

(This is currently his standard response. To everything.)


Last night at bedtime:

Brian: Alright kids, time for bed!

Kalena: Yay! Bedtime! (This is literally what she said. I’m not exaggerating for effect or anything.)

Will (throws himself on the floor, pounds his fists on the ground and kicks his feet): I’m not tired! (Obviously said in super whiney tired voice.)


Kalena: What fun thing could I do before preschool?

(I’m guessing most families don’t struggle with needing hours of things to do before NINE AM preschool.)

Me: Why don’t you play with your toys?

Kalena: I know! I think I’ll crack open a good book!


Kalena (out of the blue): When Daniel was in your tummy you could only eat eggs!

Me: Uh, yep. Pretty much.


Kalena currently says “grown ups” like “growing ups” (although, maybe it’s more like “grow-een ups.”) She also calls “Lincoln logs” “linking logs” which is basically my favorite because they do link! It makes sense!


8 thoughts on “Conversations with the kids

  1. This is a great example of why having multiple children is great. When Will is being a (age-appropriate) pill, you can look at Kalena and be reminded that the phases will end.

    As I mentioned we’ve been having hilarious conversations around here re: reproduction and B asked me the other day if she is “sending out tiny eggs” yet. EEEKS. NO. NOT FOR YEARS AND YEARS!!

    • Yes, I love being able to SEE that a phase will end. (Also, it’s a little funny to see it starting and think, Oh YEAH. This crap again.)

      Kalena is pretty sure she needs to have a baby, so I imagine my next pregnancy will be filled with those sorts of conversations.

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