Our favorite date night

Brian and I are homebodies. (My sister might replace the word “homebodies” with the word “losers” but potato potahto.) Anyway. We always have been. Our first date was dinner out and then a movie at his apartment. Our Valentine’s day tradition is picking up Chinese take out. Even before we had kids our idea of an excellent Friday night was movies at home. The only sad part about this is that microwave popcorn is not nearly as good as movie theater popcorn. Enter the refillable popcorn bucket. (Be prepared to judge me and my popcorn addiction here.)

Our local Carmike movie theater (actually, all Carmikes, I think?) is doing a promotion where you can buy a plastic popcorn bucket and then get refills for $3.50. So our new favorite thing to do for date night is to go fill our popcorn bucket with delicious, buttery, movie theater popcorn and then come home to watch a movie! It’s the best of all worlds. Awesome snacks, plus pajamas and the ability to pause the movie.

Now you tell me, what’s your favorite date night?

P.S. All this popcorn has been not good for my dieting. But it’s so yummy!

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14 thoughts on “Our favorite date night

  1. That’s a really good idea. I’ve always thought the popcorn buckets wouldn’t be a good deal for us since we never go to the movies!

  2. We’re only slightly “cooler.” Dinner and a movie. In the theater. That’s me anyway. Jason might like your style. He’s more of a homebody.

  3. I think that’s the greatest idea ever! I’d probably just go refil my bucket in the middle of the day! As I get older and turn into more of a homebody, I guess I move closer into that Loser category. Dang it.

  4. I love this. I am appropriating this plan. I go to the movies occasionally with friends, basically just for the popcorn – I don’t even care much about what movie I see. Kevin doesn’t like going because he thinks the seats are uncomfortable (princess!), so this would be perfect. We could stay home and watching something GOOD, AND I get mah popcorn.

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