Pinterest win!

The other day I realized I needed to create a whole new Pinterest board just for cake. I pin that many cake items. I ALSO realized that I’ve actually made more of those pins than any of my other boards. What can I say? I love cake.

Anyway, I pinned these bad boys about a month ago, and I’ve been looking for an excuse to make them since then. Fortunately for me, my nephew had a birthday recently and we celebrated today. Perfect! (Brian also had a birthday recently, but he wanted brownies.) I spent most of the day baking, but the assembly is actually pretty easy.

So cute right?! Cupcake “bun” brownie “patty” sugar cookie “french fries” and frosting “burger toppings.”


Had to put a candle in one for the birthday boy.


Bonus: any spit only gets on his!


Kalena enjoying her “fries.”


Have you had any great luck with Pinterest lately?

16 thoughts on “Pinterest win!

  1. Hi. I clicked over here from Shalini’s birth story post’s comments. I am not sure how I’ve not found your blog earlier. I’ve read through a several posts, and I love your style. I’ll be back for sure! Also, these cakes are simply adorable – well done!

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