Tech savvy

Yesterday morning Kalena said to Brian, “Can you show me where Florida is on a map?” He was confused, but showed her. When he asked her why she wanted to know she said, “Oma told me to ask!” (Oma is Brian’s mom (that’s Dutch for Grandma) and she lives in Florida.) Brian asked the obvious question, “When did you talk to Oma?” Kalena told him that she’d found a way to see Oma, and proceeded to find FaceTime on the iPad and say, “I just press that and then I talk to Oma!”

Brian called his mother and confirmed. Apparently Kalena did indeed call her on FaceTime her while we were still sleeping. Good thing it’s 2 hours later in Florida. Pretty sure nobody (except Kalena, of course) wants to FaceTime at 6 am.

15 thoughts on “Tech savvy

  1. I think it’s so funny when I hear my mom’s voice randomly in Taylor’s room. He pushes the skype button and just tries calling everyone.

  2. That’s so awesome, and wow, I never thought about putting the phone in airplane mode. Genius!

    My kids have an Oma too…my husband’s grandparents were Dutch so his mom goes by Oma. 🙂

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