Happy birthday Daniel!

A year ago Daniel was born and we found out that he has Down syndrome. It was an overwhelming day to say the least. I wasn’t sure when things would feel “normal” again, but I was hopeful that it would be soon. Here are some of the things I wish I could go back and tell myself then.

~He’ll be an incredibly easy baby.~

Obviously there was a lot of emotion surrounding Daniel’s birth. Getting plenty of sleep and not having to deal with a fussy baby made it much easier to process all that.

~When you look at him you won’t see Down syndrome, you’ll just see Daniel.~

When he was first born I’d look at Daniel and wonder if other people could see that he has Down syndrome. There were times I’d look at him and think it was obvious and other times I’d look at him and think it wasn’t so obvious. Now I don’t think about it at all. His expressions are his own. He just looks like Daniel.

~You’ll love him so much that sometimes it will feel like your heart is going to burst.~

Everything else seems like minor details in the face of the love this boy makes me feel.



Happy birthday to our sweet little guy!


22 thoughts on “Happy birthday Daniel!

  1. Bah, don’t let your heart burst! That sounds like a medical emergency waiting to happen. Maybe just let your heart get all fat and squishy for him.

  2. Happy Birthday Daniel! I can totally see in you the love you have for Daniel. And I’m jealous… See how I just made this all about me? Nice Laura, nice.

  3. Happy happy birthday to your little guy. I started reading your blog when he was born/diagnosed and you appear to have handled a little bump in the road with love and grace. He’s lucky to have a place in your family.

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