Cake time

Well, Daniel’s birthday was the 11th, but we waited to celebrate, knowing we’d have family in town this week. Brian’s mom is here as well as my sister Kari, with her husband and 3 kids. So today was the day! If you’ve been reading here for very long you know that when it comes to birthdays, cake is my Thing. I don’t do fancy decorations or big parties or exciting gifts. I like to making fun cakes though.

Here’s Daniel’s:



It’s another one I found on pinterest (where else?!) I’m considering it a success since 1) the blog I pinned it from had no tutorial, just a picture and 2) the other blogger made it using fondant which I refuse to use because it’s gross so I knew mine wouldn’t look as smooth and pretty.

Daniel decided to go with the hands free method. (Same as Kalena when she turned one.)




He thoroughly enjoyed it.


8 thoughts on “Cake time

  1. I was waiting for that! Glad you didn’t go with the fondant. I agree it would look smoother but taste worse. I bet this one tasted awesome. Love your cakes.

    • It did taste pretty awesome. I always feel a little guilty when people compliment the taste of the cake though, because I always use boxed cake mix! I do make my own icing, but that’s it.

  2. Some day some cake genius (perhaps yourself?) will create fondant that tastes delicious. Until then I can’t help but wonder when I see GORGEOUS fondant cakes, “why bother? nobody wants to eat that.” The outside is very cute, but the inside of his cake looks awesome! chocolate AND white cake? Mama likey 🙂

    • Well I knew I’d need 2 whole cake mixes, so why not chocolate & yellow?! Something for everyone. Also, I hear marshmallow fondant tastes better than regular, but still. You just can’t go wrong with buttercream.

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