Easter photos

I looked and looked for matching suits for the boys but apparently nobody makes a suit smaller than a 4T. (We bought one for Will for Easter a couple years ago, but have not seen them since.) Anyway, I went with sweater vests instead.

Normally I don’t like matchy-matchy stuff, but look how cute!



Kalena has started having opinions about her clothes (sad day for me.) Her only request for her Easter dress was that it be pink.



The whole family. With everybody smiling! Even if not everybody is looking at the camera!



Happy kids.



Suspicious baby is suspicious of his brother.



I’m embarrassed to admit that I did not notice until RIGHT NOW when I was putting these pictures up that those sweater vests aren’t exactly the same. I mean, obviously they match, but I thought they both had the argyle pattern horizontally across the front. GOOD THING I PAY ATTENTION.

16 thoughts on “Easter photos

  1. I found them at Burlington Coat factory last time i needed baby suits, if you can believe it. We went to a lot of weddings over the past couple years. Not particularly well made but it’s not like they can wear them for long anyhow!

    • I found Will’s at Sam’s club! Unfortunately we don’t have a Burlington Coat Factory here. They did have seer-sucker suits at Crazy 8, but I felt like it was a little over the top.

  2. The picture of everyone smiling and looking happy made ME smile. I love it.

    Also, the matching-but-not-really vests made me laugh out loud. Haa!

    • I felt like such an idiot! I picked them out! We debated sizes! I even TRIED ONE ON Daniel in the store. Then they wore them through church and still I didn’t notice until I was loading pictures to my blog? Man.

  3. OK, there’s 10 comments, but 5 are your own, so I GUESS I’ll say what I was thinking, which is “the boys even have matching haircuts! Who’s even looking at the sweater when they have matching hair? No wonder you missed that they matched but didn’t quite.” There. I commented πŸ™‚

  4. Such adorable kids! Love them – Kalena looks like a grown up girl in her Easter dress – maybe I shouldn’t tell you that. πŸ™‚ And you look great!

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