How we do Easter

At our house growing up the Easter bunny hid our baskets. We got candy and some sort of small gift in them. The Easter bunny did not hide eggs. We always dyed hard-boiled eggs ahead of time, and then my parents hid them while we waited. I really didn’t realize until this year that the reason most people don’t hide real eggs is that they have to hide them ahead of time. (Obviously I’m VERY observant.) We’re keeping up this tradition with our kids, except we didn’t hide the baskets this year for a whole bunch of reasons. We also (as I’ve mentioned before) just do candy and a book for each kid, no other toys.

Here’s the thing I didn’t realize before this year: hiding REAL eggs makes it WAY easier to keep the candy and gifts to a minimum. There’s no worrying about how much candy they’re getting from eggs, or what to fill the eggs with if you don’t want to do so much candy. It’s just eggs! The kids are very patient while we hide them, and they don’t care that the Easter bunny didn’t bring them.

Kalena with her basket. I forgot to take photos of all the baskets done up, so this is all you get.


So now some questions for you: Growing up, did the Easter bunny hide baskets, or eggs, or both? Did you hide real eggs or plastic eggs? If you hid plastic eggs, what was in them? And what are you doing with your kids?

11 thoughts on “How we do Easter

  1. I didn’t know until I was an adult that hiding eggs was a thing! We dyed eggs, and they stayed in the fridge. Each year, the Easter Bunny hid an Easter basket full of candy along with a stuffed bunny for each of us. It doesn’t surprise me that my parents didn’t hide the eggs; they might have spoiled and there was NO WASTING FOOD allowed in our house. Thanks for this post – It brought back lots of happy memories for me.

  2. That is a great point about hiding real eggs. I never even thought about that great way to cut back on candy. I did mostly toys in the basket… Some candy in the plastic eggs but I left all the un-eaten candy at my moms.

    • I never thought about it as a kid, but this year I kept seeing stuff about how to fill eggs without getting candy overload. Don’t have to fill them if they’re hardboiled!

  3. Growing up the Easter bunny HUD plastic eggs with candy in them. The empty basket was left out in plain view. I only got candy. No toys or books or stuffed animals or whatever else. Which was fine because, duh, candy. This is how we did it this year and will probably continue to do it for Ruby. Because I don’t handle change well. πŸ˜‰

  4. Since Iris’ eating is still wonky, both kids got mostly toys (a book, a coloring book, a movie for Iris, the Princess Sofia CD for Ezra, Hot Wheels). I did include a small chocolate bunny for Ezra because come on. You gotta have at least one to nibble on.

    Then T and I hid plasticy eggs around the house the night before and Iris lost her fool mind trying to find them.

  5. We grew up looking for both a basket and plastic eggs with candy. This year, the Easter Bunny did plastic eggs, but filled them with yogurt chips, yogurt covered pretzels and some fruit snacks. All still contained plenty of sugar, but made me feel better. In the basket was a little toy and book. The hunt for eggs was the best part, but will be doing hard boiled eggs in the future!

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