Children’s museum

What else did we do in Denver? (I know you are all wondering this.) We went to the Children’s museum! Despite having been to Denver with the kids at least a dozen times when Kirsta lived there, we never too the kids to the Children’s museum. (Our kids. Kirsta took her kids all the time. Not while we were there. ANYWAY.) But Sunday we met up with 3 of Brian’s siblings and headed over. It was INSANELY busy because a) weekend and b) awful weather, but the kids had a blast. Also, Nicki Kendall & I took Daniel and Wyatt (Nicki’s son) down to the baby area which was MUCH quieter and more enjoyable.

I took a whole bunch of pictures of the kids, but they are all terrible because they were too involved in everything to look at me. Okay, I do have this one cute one of Daniel and Wyatt in a tiny boat.



3 thoughts on “Children’s museum

  1. I’m pretty sure I took pictures of the kids in that boat every time we went because it is JUST SO CUTE. And we had PLANNED to go a number of times when you guys visited, but there were always naps and meals and the kids were having so much fun together anyway it didn’t matter. But when you WEREN’T there we were bored, so of course we had to go a million times.

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