Some good things lately

Just some random good things from around here recently.

Daniel now signs “more” and “eat” and he claps for himself. I have a hard time distinguishing when he’s actually wanting more and when he’s just clapping, but it’s all so stinking cute that I don’t really care.

Kalena and Will call their art easel a “weasel” so that’s awesome. Obviously I’m not correcting them.

I bought some summer clothes! I got out the summer clothes I had and realized my selection was pretty pathetic, so I went shopping and got some new things. Likely my selection is pathetic because for the last SIX YEARS I have been pregnant or nursing during at least part of the summer. But not this year! (Please don’t let this jinx me.)

Daniel had his 1 year pictures done and they turned out super. This shot of him doing “so big” is probably my favorite.



Makes me smile every time I see it. (Sadly, the girl who has taken all his pictures so far is moving. 😦 Hopefully whoever is there next time can manage to get something reasonably cute. I don’t know that we’ll ever top this one.)

Will says, “Boom. Roasted” at appropriate times and Kalena says, “Whaaat?!” in her best fake-surprised voice, also used appropriately. So obviously we’re doing something right in the sense of humor department.

I finally beat level 213 on Candy Crush! (What? That totally belongs on this list.) I wasn’t sure I was ever going to make it past that one.

What good things are happening at your house?

14 thoughts on “Some good things lately

  1. Your children, I just can’t handle it. They are all so CUTE!

    Good things over here are: warm days and lots of sunshine, and my impending promotion to real staff (and cut to half time hours!).

  2. “Boom. Roasted.” followed by “Whaaaat?!” and that picture of Daniel made my day. I love all of it.

    The good things happening at my house is that I think Iris is getting over this illness, I got my bangs trimmed, and I’m sleeping really, really well at night. Holla.

  3. Ha! Yes. Points for the sense of humor phrases. I say, “Whaaaaat???” So obviously that’s cool. And that pic of Daniel could be an ad it’s so adorable.

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