In March Brian took the kids to the dentist for cleanings. They both did fine, and everything looked good. Then, a few weeks ago Kalena accidentally loosened one of her teeth (by pulling on a blanket she was biting.) We wouldn’t have worried about it, but it started turning dark so we set up an appointment to take her back to the dentist. (This time we were seeing the actual dentist, not just a hygienist.) He took a look, assured us that it’ll be fine, and that she’s old enough for it to come out, but then mentions that she definitely has some cavities. (He was NOT happy when I told him we’d been there just a month ago.) After x-rays and discussion on whether we want to fill them all at once (yes) and if we want to take out the loose tooth if it hasn’t come out yet (yes) he tells us it’ll take them about 2 1/2 hours to get everything done. Because of the amount of time they recommended we do sedation. She’s really good at the dentist, but 2 1/2 hours is a LONG time for a 4 year old to sit still so we said okay.

Anyway, fast forward to that morning. She had to fast before the appointment, which she did fine with. Her appointment was at 10, so we had to take her in at 9 for the valium (or equivalent whatever.) We just told her she had to have an empty tummy for her appointment and that she’d get a treat after and she understood that. Because the appointment was going to be 3 1/2 hours in all I asked a friend of mine to watch the boys. (That would later prove to be an excellent choice.) ¬†Kalena got the meds crushed up in a bite of chocolate pudding (her choice- it was that or applesauce) and we were sent us back to the waiting room to wait for it to kick in. I was told she would get sleepy and maybe a little loopy. WELL. About 40 minutes later she got up from her chair and just about fell flat on her face. She couldn’t walk without help. She fell down trying to pull her pants up after going to the bathroom. They hadn’t checked on us yet (they told me they’d check at about 45 minutes to see if it had kicked in) so I finally carried her up to the front and told the receptionist she was ready to go. (I can’t imagine what I would have done if I’d had Will and Daniel too. She could NOT walk, but I can barely carry her, let alone her AND Daniel.) But there wasn’t a room ready. At that point I set her down on a couch and told her she wasn’t allowed to get up. She was a little belligerent when I wouldn’t let her sit backward (she wanted to see the alphabet on the wall behind us) and then got pretty sleepy.

FINALLY they called us back at like 10:20 (remember Kalena had been drunkenly stumbling around since like 9:40) so I got her situated and then left the room. (I can’t watch/listen to that kind of stuff. I get all nauseated and faint-y. (Weirdly, doesn’t bother me to have things done to my teeth.)) Anyway, I read my book in the waiting room and just checked on her periodically. By the time they were actually working on her teeth she just laid there. No trouble at all. She was still out of it enough when they finished that I had to carry her to the car, and after we got home she napped for like 2 1/2 hours. Then she got her ice cream (soft foods only for the rest of the day since they pulled the tooth) and she was very pleased.

And as a reward for making it through all that rambling, here’s a picture of her minus one tooth!


12 thoughts on “Cavities

  1. Wow, that sedation sounds much stronger than what they used on Anna but her procedure was only 1 hour long so maybe that’s the difference. She was also really antsy towards the end. What an ordeal though, ugh.

  2. Can I borrow some of those meds for Ethan’s bedtime? He’s proving to be my WORST sleeper, he could use a little “mellowing out.” Also, your picture didn’t post, try again! I wanna see!

  3. Alternate funny (but true) comment: Your description of loopy Kalena sounds like me at around 2 p.m.! Stumbling, can’t pull my own pants up, practically passed out if not actually asleep. We’re twins!

  4. Wow, that is quite a dental adventure! I have extreme dental anxiety, and have already told Kevin that kid teeth are his problem. This doesn’t sound that traumatizing though!

  5. Cute picture! One of my daughters recently had to go through something like this but will have to admit it didn’t happen quite like this.

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