Postcards: the best souvenirs

Growing up we went on family vacations every year. Over the years I know there were many souvenirs purchased: t-shirts, hats, stuffed animals, mugs, and others I’m sure. But, regardless of whatever else we bought, every place we went my mom had each of us kids pick a postcard. At the end of the day (or the trip) she would ask us what our favorite part was. Best memory, favorite place we went, most fun activity, whatever. And whatever we told her got written down on the postcard. She kept scrapbooks for each of us (yes, all five kids have scrapbooks of our growing up years) and these postcards are all included. I love going back and reading the memories from them

So I’ve decided to keep up this tradition with my kids. For one thing, postcards are EVERYWHERE, they’re inexpensive, and they don’t end up as dust collecting trinkets when you get home (snow globe, anyone?) But also, it’s already so awesome to hear what the kids favorite part was. For instance, I bought postcards at Arches and wrote on them when we got home. Kalena’s favorite parts included “the nice walk” and “the pretty flowers” and Will loved the “real lizards” and declared it “the best desert in the world.” (I do them when the kids are babies too, and just include a quick summary of the day.)

As a bonus, it’s fun to look back over the years and see how many times I picked the same postcard from Disneyland, years apart. What can I say? I liked that postcard.

6 thoughts on “Postcards: the best souvenirs

  1. We used to collect postcards too! Also enamel pins. Now I tend to go for refrigerator magnets. I’m starting to sound like a souvenir hoarder.

  2. That’s so cool! I’ve always (since I was your kids’ ages) bought a whole stack of postcards everywhere we went, but I never wrote anything on them.

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