Preschool graduation

Yes, I think “graduating” from preschool is unnecessary and a little over the top, but it is also adorable, so we participated. (Also: cupcakes.)

Here I am with Kalena before we left. I’m not sure if it’s my dress or my posture making me look pregnant here. Maybe both. (Also maybe cupcakes.)


And here’s Kalena after “graduation” was over.


It was pretty cute actually, they did a kind of end of the year program thing where the kids sang a couple songs for us. They also had cute little graduation caps, but all the pictures I took with Kalena wearing hers include people who may not want me posting their picture on the internet. So that’s all you get!

4 thoughts on “Preschool graduation

    • There must be lots of pinterest-y preschool moms because there were at least 3 versions of those “graduation cap” cupcakes/treats. (All very cute. Also yummy- I ate one.)

  1. How are you feeling about kindergarten in the fall? I have worries that I’m going to be a mess. Ezra, however, is RARIN’ to go.

    • Kalena is also SO ready to go. I told her today that it’s summer vacation before kindergarten and she said, “for a week?”

      I’m not sure how I’ll do. Right now it still doesn’t feel like it’s happening. I suspect once I know her schedule and have supply lists and such it’ll be different.

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